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“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” Margaret Thatcher
People who claim that meat should be used as a condiment ought to be reminded that vegetables work best as garnishes.
According to Consumer Reports, the Vizio M-Series Quantum 55-inch TV is rated "best" by rioters in Portlandia, who give it high fives for portability (only 35.6 lbs) as well as a generous $659 discount at all participating and non-participating stores
From hair plugs to butt plugs, the political "awakening" of J. Robinette Biden
The Ultimate White Privilege: Only white people can forgive other white people for their racism
The next time you hear somebody creepy crawling through your living room at 4:00 a.m., don't call the police, call BLM instead, oh wait, that's probably BLM in your living room already
What's the difference between a transvestite and a transgender? A transvestite has a sense of humor
Expect riots post election in November ... question is, will there be more rioting if Trump wins or if he loses
White privilege means always having to say you're sorry
Reparation: Taking money from people who never owned slaves . . . and giving it to peope who never were slaves
The Pug Bus supports BLM's demand to replace Andrew Jackson's image on the twenty-dollar bill with George Floyd's

image of a biblical dude painting BLM on his front door Gentle Reader, may our lintel proclaim that the Pug Bus has been the satirical friend of black people and the BLM movement since well before the former became the dominant race in the United States and the latter became this country's most fearsome political party.

Not once in our fifteen-year history have we hesitated to mock, insult, degrade, demean, or humiliate someone just because he was black. Hell, we even send up black people by refusing to uppercase the b in black.

Therefore, we loudly signal our support of black-themed satire and parody. We also present our bona fides in that regard: a bunch of the articles about black people that we have done in the past. More links coming soon ... Huzzah!
BLM Declares National White Chocolate Day Racist

Killer Kwanzaa App Suspected of Causing Computer Crashes

Black Lives Matter Calls for Boycott of White Avatars

BLM Threatens to Disrupt Giants-Lions Game This Sunday

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Nicolas Cage Wicker Man Action Figure Hot at Pier 1
Sep 5, 2006 - 5:56
an image
FORT WORTH, Texas - Reps for Nicolas Cage and Warner Bros. have woven a nifty new tie-in for the release of their latest film, a remake of the cult caper, The Wicker Man. Looks like Mr. Cage wants you to see his end-of-summer sizzler so much, he's willing to apply a little pier pressure.

The star of action blockbusters such as Peggy Sue Got Married, The Weatherman, and Captain Corelli's Mandolin is the model for a line of Wicker Man action figures sold exclusively at America's #1 rattan retailer, Pier 1 Imports.

According to a joint press release, "This September it's time to synchronize your sundials because Pier 1 Imports and Warner Bros. have teamed up to turn your favorite crafty cult character into a crafty cool toy. Stop by today and pick up your very own Wicker Man free gift with the purchase of $50 or more. Better hurry, though, this Wicker Man is hot and is only docked at Pier 1 for a limited engagement!"

Sources at Warner Bros. elaborated on the decision to promote Cage as a rattan Rambo.

"We wanted to forgo the usual Happy Meal tchotchke," said one well-known publicist. "Like the movie, Nick's got this otherworldly vibe. Our audience test results showed that ladies love him, kids love him, young guys want to be like him, and old guys want to whittle him. We couldn't go wrong with a wicker Cage."

an image
Another studio source explained, "With the movie we want to say, 'BOO!' With the toy we want to say, 'bamBOO!'"

A rep for Pier 1 Imports, the Texas-based purveyor of global unique chic, stressed that quality craftsmanship will ensure that this doll is no basket case.

"We use an eco-friendly rattan in a double-bias weave around a frame of kiln dried hardwood, all made by skilled artisans in Jakarta. Plus with Thai teak for the articulated joints—you can make it do your very own ritual dance."

The retailer hinted that although Wicker Man is planned as a one-time promotion, a long-term partnership would be no sacrifice.

"We see the Nicolas Cage Wicker Man line as a great fit, perfect for back to school. If this proves popular, we see Wicker Man backpacks, lunchboxes, iPod covers—who knows?"

And what about something for those little pagan princesses bored with Barbie?

"We also have a Wicker Lady that'll have 'em, forgive the pun, Ellen Burstyn into flames."

We spoke with director and "wicker fanatic" Neil LaBute, whom most credit for rallying the rattan direction to Cage. LaBute denies credit but admits his enthusiasm for the natural furniture fiber.

an image
"We had them do the huge Wicker Man for the movie, and I loved it. One of the protos is actually in my backyard It's a great place to clear my head. The inside was a perfect fit for the papasan chair I've had since college."

So did LaBute have any advice for his leading man about becoming a 12-inch woven wonder?

"I just told him to do do that voo-do that he do so well."

Was there any concern from Pier 1 that a fright flick tie-in might not sit well among their relaxed rockers and simple settees? Didn't they worry about scaring off customers?

LaBute looked surprised.

"You do remember the Kirstie Alley commercials, right?"

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